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Prior to lockdown, I had started to see a therapist to help me with some personal issues that were becoming a real problem for me as I got older. I found it difficult share personal information with someone i didn’t know – I just wasn’t feeling it! I stopped after 3 months and decided therapy wasn’t for me!

After I stopped going, inevitably things started to slide again! I was hurting and didn’t know what to do so I reached out to 5 different therapists with the same email…Liz Fowley was the only one to reply back to me with what felt like a personel and comforting email stating that my email had really struck  a chord with her and she would love meet me and help in anyway she could!

Liz is honestly one in million and I instantly felt a click, her house is so inviting and quaint, you instantly feel at home! I felt safe and free of judgement no matter what I said, she listened to me intently and took in everything I said almost feeling it herself! The advice and little prompts she has given me will stay with me for life – I can honestly say everybody needs to have somebody like Liz in their life! I genuinely look forward to seeing her and the dog (Buddy).

I would 100% recommend Liz to anybody that feels they need someone to lend an ear and/or offer some advice to set you off/put you back on the right path!


I had seen many counsellors before I saw Liz and I was very sceptical about what she would do differently from the others. Right from our first session Liz seemed to get me and understand why I was feeling the way I was. Liz is very patient with me and listens to me with no judgement. She then encourages me to look into things in deeper detail and not to brush over how I’m feeling. If you’re willing to do the work then you will totally be rewarded. I would one million percent recommend Liz to anybody and I often do. I wouldn’t even consider going to anybody else now. I’ve learnt so much since working with Liz. If you’re wondering if counselling is for you then I’d encourage you to give just a few sessions a try and see how you feel. It’s given me a whole new perspective and outlook on my life. I now live not just survive.