Womens Health Coaching

The body is wired to heal and with the right time, support and space, healing is available to all of us.

My offerings

1-1 Coaching

(£30 a session)

This is my most in depth and personal offering where we will meet on a bi-weekly basis over a
period of 3 months or longer. During a free initial consultation with me, we will chat about your
goals, your current lifestyle habits and areas that you are looking for some help and guidance
with. From there, I will create your unique personalized health programme that we will work
through together for as long as you may need. This will include recipes, herbal remedies,
mindfulness practices and exercise guidance. Throughout the process you will have access to me
via WhatsApp or email to keep me updated with how you’re doing or ask me any questions you
might have.

Group programmes (price TBC)

I will be running group programmes lasting 1 or 2 months and these will be informative
sessions on a range of health topics e.g. PCOS, menopause, hormone balance, weight loss,
exercise. These will 1 hour sessions held once a week and you will also receive extra recipes
and support plans as part of each group programme. You will be able to ask questions and
personalised advice on areas that you may be struggling with.
Masterclasses (£15)
On my website you will find masterclass sessions either 30 mins or half an hour on any the following
– What are your hormones/ how to track your cycle as a woman
– Basics of nutrition and supplements (for a healthy lifestyle/ female vitality)
– Information for men on women’s health and how they can support the women in their life
– Exercising for your cycle (e.g. HIIT/ Strength/ yoga)
– Meditation practices
Free resources – multiple free resources on my website on womens health, nutrition and exercise