Grief Counselling


The impact of the death or serious illness of a significant person can be devastating, especially for children and young people. Understanding and navigating these emotions can be challenging, affecting various aspects of home, school life, and relationships. Our Whole Family Bereavement Consultations in Macclesfield are designed to offer crucial support during these trying times.

grieving man stood in field

For Children and Young People: Children and young people often struggle to comprehend the complexities of loss. Our grief counselling in Macclesfield provides a safe space for them to express and explore their emotions, fostering adaptation to their changing circumstances. Through the right support and information, we aim to empower them to navigate their grief and craft a more confident narrative for their evolving story.

For Parents and Carers: Facing a serious illness diagnosis or bereavement raises myriad questions for parents and carers. Our bereavement counselling in Macclesfield recognises the challenges of finding the right words to explain the situation to children or determining how much information to share. We provide a confidential space to address your concerns, offering expert advice and guidance on supporting your children’s emotional well-being during these difficult times.

The whole family bereavement consultation welcomes one, or all significant members of the family, and can take place at any point in the diagnosis or bereavement. These unique sessions provide:

  • A confidential space to explore the issues your family is facing.
  • A space to identify your own families’ strengths, resilience, and abilities to support each other.
  • Expert advice and guidance on dealing with the death or serious illness of someone close
  • Signposting to services and organisations where relevant
  • Access ­to relevant information and resources
  • A Recommended Family Support Plan based on your individual needs.

Whole Family Bereavement Consultations are provided on a single session basis, though extensions are available.

1 ½ HOURS  £100