Therapeutic Coaching


Therapeutic coaching goes beyond traditional counselling, combining therapeutic principles with practical coaching strategies. It’s about empowering you to uncover your strengths, clarify your goals, and embark on a journey towards lasting transformation. Whether you’re navigating personal relationships, professional challenges, or seeking personal growth, our therapeutic coaching in Macclesfield provides a supportive space for exploration and change.

person on top of mountain, therapeutic coaching
  • Holistic Approach: Our sessions integrate therapeutic modalities tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to your well-being.
  • Goal-Centric Sessions: Define and work towards your goals with clarity, guided by our therapist who is dedicated to your success.
  • Empowerment Through Insight: Gain valuable insights into your thought patterns, behaviours, and emotions, empowering you to make informed and positive choices.
  • Effective Coping Strategies: Develop practical coping strategies to navigate challenges, fostering resilience and a sense of control in your life.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every individual is unique, and our therapeutic coaching is customised to address your specific concerns, ensuring a personalised and effective coaching experience.

Our therapist in Macclesfield, Liz Foley, is dedicated to providing a safe and collaborative space where your journey towards self-discovery and transformation can flourish.

These bi-weekly, action focused therapeutic coaching sessions aim to increase self-awareness and close the gap between what you want and what actually is. They offer a unique opportunity to learn more about your thinking and your barriers to growth, with the aim of making change happen.

Therapeutic coaching takes place every 2 weeks, on Saturday.

60 min session £75